Many times, great photographs don’t just happen. Capturing these images takes a significant amount of discussion, planning and preparation. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make it all possible and to make it appear effortless. I use a proven process with every client to ensure that you come away with not only wonderful images that meet your expectations — but an experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

Step 1 - meet and chat

When a potential client contacts me, I try to gain a thorough understanding of what the couple is looking for to determine if we would be a good fit. This can be done over phone or by email, but I prefer to meet each client in person. Not only must we be aligned on photography, but the best partnerships are those where our personalities fit well with one another.

This is very important because the relationship you develop with your wedding photographer is special. This relationship will likely be the longest of any wedding vendor since the interaction will start long before your wedding day and continue on until your album and prints are delivered. You want every interaction to be smooth, enjoyable and comfortable — and that’s what I strive to accomplish.

In addition, it is important to understand that every photographer photographs differently so it is best that your vision is aligned with my style and approach. The images found in my portfolio are representative of the work that I consistently deliver for my clients, so when you receive your engagement and wedding collection, you should not be surprised by the images. However, I hope you will be delighted. 

STEP 2: join the family

Once we determine that we would be a good fit for each other, that’s when the onboarding process begins. This is when we address the details and get the paperwork finalized to secure your date on my calendar. You’ll get some additional guidance about your wedding photography, but most importantly, this is when you become part of my family. 


Once you are onboarded as a client, that’s when the fun really begins. There are many discussions that will take place regarding the plan for your engagement and wedding photography. Details like wardrobe, makeup, shoot-location, dates and times are all coordinated in great detail. I double-check for important contact information for the bride, groom, parents, venue and coordinator (if applicable). This is the time to be creative so we can develop a plan to make sure everything unfolds perfectly.  That will set the stage for the next step when you just let it all happen knowing the results will be just as you envisioned. 


Your engagement and wedding day are what we have worked and prepared for. By this time, everything is in place and you will have a clear understanding of how everything will unfold. So the only thing left to do is be yourself and enjoy the moments and time together. We will enjoy each other’s company and make some wonderful images.  


Once you receive the images from your engagement and wedding, the journey isn’t over. The images need to be shared online with friends and family so that everyone involved in your life can experience the wonderful moments that happened during your day. But most importantly, your favorite images must be preserved in print format with archival quality prints or in a heirloom wedding album. Prints are very powerful and they can create a connection that digital images cannot.