My style could be described as a blend of photojournalism, portraits and fine detail photos. I like this approach since it allows me to be creative and to capture some great photographs. I use a photojournalist style for your getting ready, ceremony and reception photography. I also shoot lots of detail photos of rings, jewelry, flowers, table arrangements and your cake. These fine detail shots can add a lot of context to the story of your day and showcase the special items that you have worked so hard on for your wedding. Casual portraits bring personality, emotion and warmth to your wedding day, and are cherished by friends and family. 

What types of photos you will take at our wedding?

Our Studio utilizes different approaches throughout the wedding day to tell the most compelling story and to create the best possible images. This includes a combination of unscripted photojournalism along with photographer-guided portraits and fine details.


  • Getting ready
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Bride and groom entrance
  • Speeches and toasts
  • Cake cutting and garter toss
  • Reception dancing  
  • Bride and groom exit

Photographer's Vision

  • Bride and groom portraits
  • Family and bridal party portraits
  • Detail photos

Do you have photography packages?

Yes, the Studio offers several standard wedding photography packages to fit a range of budgets. The basic package provides simple coverage with digital files while the premium package includes a beautiful, leather album to commemorate your day. Packages can also be customized to fit each client’s exact needs. Please contact the Studio for complete details or explore the packages online.

How do we book you?

Booking the Studio for your wedding is easy. Simply contact us via email or phone (919-306-2971) and we can set-up a time to meet to discuss your wedding plans. If we are a fit, compete a brief contract and return it to the Studio with a retainer payment. Once you reserve the date with your retainer, it’s all yours. We suggest booking early since we don't know what our schedule will look like far in advance, and popular spring and fall dates can be fill quickly. 

Do you require a contract?

Yes. For both parties, it's always good to have a written contract in place. That way, obligations are clear so expectations can be met and delivered upon. 

Do you require a retainer to hold our date?

Yes, the Studio requires a retainer to reserve your wedding date. Usually, the retainer amount is one-third of the value of the contract. However, this can be adjusted depending on the unique needs of each client.

Can we spread out the payments for our photography?

Yes, contract payments are often broken down into two smaller installments after the retainer is paid. This makes it easier and affordable for our clients to work with the Studio. Typically, the retainer is due at contract signing and the final payment is due a week before the wedding. 

If we sign a contract and your prices change, what happens?

Once a client enters into a contract with the Studio, the rate will not increase even if the Studio’s prices go up or our packages change. 

Do you include the digital files in your packages?

Yes, all of our wedding photography packages include the digital files with a full print license. Clients can print the photos or design their own album if desired. The Studio can recommend trusted vendors who provide high-quality printing if you want to do it yourself.

Can we extend the hours of coverage on the wedding day?

Yes, if a client needs additional coverage on the day of the wedding, the Studio can extend the agreement on an hourly basis at the predetermined rate in the contract. The additional services would be billed to the client separately after the wedding.

What are the tangible products that we will receive?

There are several types of deliverables created by the Studio that range from digital files, prints, wall art, luxury albums and more. These items vary depending on the type of package booked but are only limited by your imagination and budget. Please explore the Studio’s packages for details. 

How many photos will you deliver from our wedding?

The amount of photographs created and delivered at every wedding varies on a number of factors such as the size of your wedding, the hours of coverage, if travel is required between the ceremony and reception - and the timeline for the day. However, the Studio typically delivers 75-100, high-quality photos per-hour of coverage. 

Can we add a second photographer from your studio to our package for more coverage?

Yes, a second photographer can be added to any of the Studio’s wedding photography packages to optimize your wedding photography coverage. A second photographer can be particularly helpful for large weddings or when the getting ready, ceremony and reception sites are at different locations. Contact the Studio for more information.

Can we have another professional photographer from a different Studio at the wedding?

If you select our Studio to be your official wedding photographer, we prefer that another photo studio isn’t present on your wedding day. Having only one trusted Studio eliminates competition for your time and attention and will result in better photographs and a more enjoyable experience. If an additional photographer is desired, it is best for our Studio to provide that service so our approach can be coordinated so everything goes smoothly.

We would also like to hire a videographer. Is that allowed?

Yes, our Studio documents many weddings where there is a photographer and videographer working side-by-side to capture stills and motion. Our Studio is happy to provide a referral to a trusted vendor that can handle that aspect of your day.

Can friends and family take photos at our wedding?

Yes, the Studio is easy to work with and does not object to friends and family taking photos at your wedding. However, we expect that these guests will be respectful and not block the Studio’s cameras from important moments that are happening. 

We are considering hiring a wedding coordinator, is that helpful?

Yes, Studio believes in the value that a wedding planner or wedding day-of coordinator can provide. These services are instrumental in helping your day run smoothly and on schedule. When your wedding remains on time and true-to-plan, this provides our Studio with the time required to capture the photos we need to document the story of your day. 

We did not order an album with our initial package. Can we add it later?

Yes, clients can add an album or clone albums at any time if not selected in the original package. The Studio offers a wide selection of designs, materials and sizes to ensure that each client can enjoy the perfect album for their style and budget.

Can we share our wedding or engagement photos on social media?

Yes, our Studio makes it easy for clients to share wedding and engagement photos on social media. When photos are delivered, each image is ideally sized for web and social media resolution.

We have a gap between when our ceremony ends and our reception begins. How do you handle that?

The Studio will work with you to maximize your photography opportunities if you have a time gap between the end of your wedding ceremony and reception. Often, that's the perfect chance to create some beautiful bride and groom portraits when you aren’t pressured for time.

Can we provide a “shot list” of our must have wedding photos?

Yes, you can provide a short list of photos you want us to capture. The Studio discourages long lists of everything you would like us to capture during your wedding since it can be distracting and result in missed wedding moments. With as many wedding as we have photographed, the Studio knows the “must have” shots from the day. However, a short list can be particularly helpful when organizing the formal family photographs.

How should we organize our family photos after the reception and where should we take them?

Creating pleasing family group photos after your wedding ceremony takes experience and planning. The Studio recommends selecting a location that is close to the ceremony location so guests don’t have to expend much time or energy walking to a new location. It is always best to choose a location with good light compared to an impressive background. When given the choice between good light and background, good light wins every time since it will help the people in the photograph look their best.


Yes, we can help give you an idea of a general Raleigh wedding photography plan and schedule by providing you with a mock timeline of the events associated with a standard wedding day. Surely, your wedding day plans will vary, but it can be a good starting point for you to gauge getting ready photo time, ceremony time - right down to the timing of the garter and bouquet toss. 

How long does it take to complete family formal photos after the ceremony?

The Studio strives to complete the family photos as quickly as possible so the guests can get to the reception and enjoy refreshments with family and friends. The actual time required to complete these shots will vary based upon the number of groups, but we try to finish these photos in 15-25 minutes. This is accomplished when we collaborate with the client beforehand to develop an organized list of photographs to be taken. On the wedding day, we strongly encourage you to nominate a representative from each side of the family to help direct the process so it will go much more quickly. 

How much time should we allocate for the portraits of the bride and groom on the wedding day?

The portraits of the bride and groom are an important part of your wedding celebration. If possible, allowing 20-30 minutes to photograph the couple is ideal to create a variety of photographs. Depending upon the schedule and flow of the day, this may not always be possible. If this situation occurs, we will find time during the reception when we can create those special photos.

Do you arrive early to a wedding?

Yes, the Studio typically arrives at the start location 30-minutes to one-hour before the official start time. This approach allows the day to begin stress-free and helps to avoid unforeseen circumstances. With this buffer, there is often extra time to make some additional getting ready photographs for bonus coverage. There is no extra-charge for this service and it is just another way that we put you at ease on your wedding day. 

Do you shoot multiple weddings on the same day?

The Studio does shoot multiple wedding on the same day (double booking). When you trust us to photograph your wedding, you will receive personalized service from start to finish. 

Do you shoot film or digital?

The Studio uses state-of-the-art, digital cameras, lenses and other equipment. 

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, the Studio has redundant camera bodies and lenses to make sure that deliver beautiful images from your wedding are delivered – no matter the circumstances.